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  • 1201A/PZ/2/36/1-102
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  • 1201A/PZ 199-300
  • PZ199 (5 sheets) Tucker family PZ200 (9 sheets) Velly family PZ201-204 Acct. of Hartland Churchwardens, 1705-06 PZ205 (5 sheets) List of Destruction of Vermin, 1712-1812 (2 unnumbered sheets) Portreeves of Harton, 1612-1796 PZ208-210 List of Hartland place-names, with old spellings PZ211-212 (9 sheets) Bibliography of the Manorial History of Church Lands, n.d PZ213-214 Orchard family PZ215 Peard family PZ216-252 Prust family PZ253 (16 sheets) Stucley family PZ254 (7 sheets) Cook family PZ255 (21 sheets) Vine family PZ256-257 Trick family PZ258 (13 sheets) Hamlyn family PZ259-260 Royal Descents PZ261 Crocker family PZ262 Copleston and Hawley families PZ263 Arundel family PZ264 (2 sheets) Hamlyn family PZ265 (8 sheets) Dayman family PZ266 (3 sheets) Descent of Edward III from the Scottish Kings PZ267 Chudleigh family PZ268 Battyn/Dabernon families PZ269 Dennis family PZ270 Bourchier family PZ271 De Bohun family PZ272 (20 sheets) De Bohun family PZ273 Cary family of Clovelly PZ274 Fulford family PZ275 (8 sheets) Nicholl family PZ276 Seecombe family PZ277 Squire family PZ278 (7 sheets) Dennis family PZ279 (3 sheets) Dallin family PZ280 (10 sheets) Docton family PZ281 (4 sheets) Cleverdon family PZ282 (3 sheets) Cholwill family PZ283 (8 sheets) Bagelhole family PZ284 Braginton family PZ285 (5 sheets) Haynes family PZ286 Hooper family PZ287 Kempthorne family PZ288 (7 sheets) Mountjoy family PZ289 (16 sheets) Orchard family PZ290-300 (6 sheets) Census totals and statistics re Hartland, Bideford, Clovelly, Woolfardisworthy, Barnstaple, and Welcombe, taken from NDJ 7 Sep 1893, Lysons and Vancouver, 1801-1891 Also including statistics of destruction of vermin, 1712 - 1812, PZ 206; list of port-reeves, 1612 - 1842, PZ 207; index of Hartland place names; population statistics of Hartland based on parish registers, 1558 - 1900, and note of census returns, 1801 - 1891
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