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  • References to the following parties and witnesses in 136M/T/1 - 4, taken from the volumes of Transactions of the Devonshire Association: Walter le Bon and the le Bon family William de Circencestre and the de Cirencester family John de Fonte and the de Fonte family. Michael de Malleston and the Mallaston family. Volume Page Number 64 54 Walter le Bon witness in a deed giving land to Torre Abbey 8 312 Walter le Bon purtreeve a juror concerning Devon Stannaries 1198. 71 146 John Bon manupator to David de Romelegh, M.P. for Tavistock, 1320. 62 227-8 Walter le Bon of Totnes a juror concerning weights of tin, 1198. 12 166 Chapel of the Holy Ghost and St. Katherine at Warlond, Totnes, erected by Walter le Bon and Agatha his wife, 1270. 457 Walter le Bon purchased land on which chapel stood from the widow of Andrew le Scot in 1251. 62 228 Reference to a Walter le Bon Living in 1206. 12 166 and 457-8 References to le Bon family. 45 154 Benedict le Bon of Totnes does homage to Abbot of Buckfast for land in Churchstow. Witnesses: Walter le Bon, Thomas de Strete, Nicholas de Malleton, John de Fonte, etc. de Cirencestre 12 189 William de Cyrecestre lord of Little Totnes [the part without the walls] granted bridle path to Walter le Bon. 3 Edward I [1272] 18 149 William de Cirencester succeeded to the manor of St. Marychurch between 27 Henry III and 19 Edward III [1242 - 1346] 28 367 A 13th century survey of Berry Pomeroy states that William de Cirencester was lord of St. Marychurch in 1292. 75 206 de Cirencester family died out with Thomas de Cirencester and Emma his wife, as they were childless, and they settled family property on the Courtenays. 73 141 Emma wife of Thomas de Cirencester probably a sister of Phillip Courtenay early 14th century. De Fonte 18 214 M.P's. for Totnes, John de Fonte, 1300. 32 431 John de Fonte and Michael de Malleston 1302, Michael de Malleston, 1304-5, John de Esse 1313, John de Fonte 1320-1, Geoffrey Veale 1323-4, Thomas de Cobeton 1325. 79 149 David de Fonte portreeve of Tavistock 1319. 71 225-8 Reference to Fonte family. 71 228 Walter de Fonte appears in a deed re. Tavistock dated 1286. 71 152 References to Fonte family of Tavistock, members of the family appear as jurors of the borough William de Fonte in Assize of 1238, Robert de Fonte in Assize of 1244 and 1249, and Walter in Assizes of 1281. De Malleston 34 712 (Refer de Fonte above, vol. 32, p. 431) Reference to Michael de Malleston and Florence his wife in deed granting land in Totnes n.d., seal attached. 71 227 Name of Michael de Maleston crossed out on list of jurors in the Assize Roll for Tavistock dated 1281; he was obviously entered there in error for Totnes as he appears as a juror for Totnes and later represented it in Parliament.