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Acc 3573: Chart, restoration of water supply to houses in Exeter after air raids during blitz, World War Two, 1942; Acc 4945: Petitions, reports, correspondence, plans, photographs, Torbay Corporation (Water) Bill, 1954-1959; Acc 5372: Cards recording daily rainfall and sunshine totals in Exeter, 1880-1988; samples registers, 1934-1938; works diaries, 1935-1936, 1939-1941; flow register, 1933-1940; brochures, city sewage treatment works, 1933, 1971; Acc 5413: Plan of Axminster water supply and sewerage, 1877, with later additions; Acc 5818: Bill and minutes of evidence to committee of the House of Commons, Plymouth and South Devon Water Bill, November-December 1970; Acc: 5945: Minutes of evidence to House of Commons committee on the Plymouth and South West Devon Water Bill, 1970; Acc 6565: Contract, bond and plans, Dartmouth Corporation Water Works water tower, 1938; contract, bond and plans, Plympton St. Mary Rural District Council, Woodford Housing Estate, Plympton, roads, sewers and watermains, 1947; plans, Erme Water Contract nos. 2 and 3, by R Hansford Worth, for Richard Costain Ltd., 1948-1949; plans, Devon River Authority, River Exe Improvement scheme contract no. 5, Trews Weir and sluice, 1966; Devon River Authority: meeting minutes, Nov. 1972 - Mar. 1974, Water Resources Committee minutes, May 1972 - Oct. 1973, Fisheries, Pollution and Water Recreation Committee minutes, May 1972 - Feb. 1973, Finance Committee minutes, Jan. 1972 - Mar. 1974 ; North Devon Water Board, documents sealed book, 1946-1974, meetings attendance register, 1968-1974; contracts, Tiverton Borough Council, for water supply scheme, Allers water works, Tiverton Service reservoir, Norwood treatment works, Bolham water intake, 1938-1940; contracts, Devon River Authority, for River Exe Improvement scheme part 4 - Exeter: , control building at Trews Weir, Alphinbrook Improvement scheme, Tiverton flood alleviation scheme, Teignmouth sea defences stage 2, 1970-1972; contract, Kingsbridge Rural District Council, Bigbury on Sea and Challaborough sewerage, 1970; contract, East Devon Water Board, headquarters building, Moor Lane, Sowton, 1970; Hansard reports, House of Lords, including Water Resources Bill readings, with Water Resources Bill explanatory memoranda, amendments, Nov. 1962-Mar. 1963; North Devon Water Board: parish files, contract files; South West Water Authority: surplus water document files, 19 - 20 century water agreement files, contract files Acc 8302: (1) Financial reports to North Devon Water Board, South Devon Water Board and East Devon Water Board by Cash Stone & Co, Chartered Accountants; (2) River Dart Water Treatment Works (Littlehempston): Construction of river intake, treatment works and other ancillary works; conditions of contract and bill of quantities (3 vols); (3) Devon Water: Copy correspondence, H G Godsall, Clerk of the County Council, 1954-1960; (4) Correspondence between Totnes Rural District Council, solicitors and residents, regarding water supply at Ackrells Hill, Ackrell's Cottages and Court Farm, Littlehempston, 1935-1944; (5) South West Devon Water Board: Manaton borehole pump installation correspondence, memorandums and a failure report, 1963-1966; (6) Correspondence regarding Tottiford headworks, between George Stevens (Joint Engineer at Tottiford, South West Devon Water Board) and W F White (Joint Engineer at King's Ash, Paignton, South West Devon Water Board), 1962-1965; (7) South West Devon Water Board: Contract documents (8 docs) for the reconstruction of Totnes Weir and adjacent river works, 1966; (8) Financial statistics of Devon Society of Local Authority Financial Officers, 1954; (9) Notes relating to Devon Water Bill by Messrs Rees & Freres as to local enactments from 1945 to 1959 dealing with the apportionment of deficiences in the revenues of Water Boards, 1959-1960; (10) Torquay Corporation Waterworks: Reports on water supply, with annual reports (30 docs), 1906-1939; (11) Borough of Torquay Water Undertaking, byelaws and regulations, 1955; (12) Torquay Corporation Waterworks: Folder on centenary exhibition (including slides, correspondence and poster) and visit of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, May 1956 Acc 8310: Plans and specifications: _Fernworthy_ Reservoir, 1936-1948; Trenchford Reservoir (including rainfall charts, 1879-1926); Kennick; Tottiford; Venford; other proposed reservoirs. Maps, plans and diagrams of distribution, drainage and sewage systems: Exeter St Thomas RDC, West Regional Water Scheme, 20th cent; Kingsbridge and Salcombe, plans and sections, 1929, 1936; Salcombe sewer systems, 1968-1974; Newton Abbot RDC, Regional Water Scheme, 20th cent; watermains at Newton Abbot, Kingskerwell and Abbotskerwell, 20th cent; Teignmouth Urban District Council, extension to water main, Ringmore, on Ordnance Survey sheet 110.10, 1936 (2nd Edition); Bishopsteignton plans of disposal works and manholes, n.d.; Torquay Corporation waterworks from River South Teign and amount left in the river, 1929-1930; diagram showing number of days and quantities of water taken from South Teign River by the Corporation, 1929; plans for proposed diversion of storm sewage outfall at Keyberry Road, Brunel Road Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, 1980; plans for Tiverton Corporation water supply, 1938-1939; Ordnance Survey maps for Tiverton area, 1889; plans and sections of Torquay Waterworks and watersheds, 1896-1960s; map of existing water supply and extension to mains for Torbay, 1889; maps and plans for various other parts of Devon. Reports: Report on Torquay water supply, 1894; annual reports for Torquay waterworks, 1909-1945. Photographs: Aerial photos of Teignmouth and Shaldon, aerial photos of Dartmouth, Manaton Reservoir under construction, Totnes Weir, East Dart and River Teign. Miscellaneous papers, including: Torquay Water Acts, 1856-1901; Engineer's notebook, including readings, tonnage of cast iron and steel in 18" trunk main and Gallowsgate reservoir, reports on availability of Birch Tor and Vitifer mine leats re _Fernworthy_ cathment area; engineers report re burst main in Devon Square, Newton Abbot, rainfall at _Fernworthy_; Torquay water works centenary celebration poster, 1956; Torquay water, lists of charges for water, 1928. Also includes 4 volumes of meteorological recordings by Thomas Turner JP, Cullompton, 1880-1905. Acc 8330: General conditions of Contract and Specification, 1953, Forms of Tender and Bills of Quantities, Malborough, Galmpton and Hope Water Supply, June 1953 (6 items), Forms of Tender and Bills of Quantities, Moorhaven Water Supply, May 1953, Access Road to Avon Dam, August 1953 (2 items); tender, Avon Reservoir, 1954, all South Devon Water Board; report on safety provisions, three storage reservoirs, Trenchford, Tottiford, Kennick, 1931, report on water requirements, 1932, Torquay Corporation Waterworks; proposals, regrouping neighbouring Devon waterworks, 1958, reports, correspondence, position of water supplies and additional sources, abstraction of water from North Teign and East Dart Rivers, 1958, conflict between River Board and water authorities, application to modify obligation, discharge of compensation water, Fernworthy Reservoir, , 1959-1960, all Torquay Corporation Water Undertaking; minutes of proceedings, public local enquiry into applications for water orders for South West Devon, Torquay, Torquay (St Thomas and Dawlish Transfer), Plymouth, including enquiry into applications by Torquay Corporation and South Devon Water Board to Minister for Housing and Local Development, October 1961; minutes of evidence to House of Commons committee, Devon Water Bill, 1960; copy correspondence, Devon Water Bill, Parliamentary session 1959-1960 (bundles 2 and 3). Acc 8360: Sewage map of Torquay and surrounding area, 1937/8; second sewage map of existing and proposed works in Paignton, 1911; Map of Paignton water systems, 1943; Map showing area of supply of South West Water, 1965 ; South Devon Water Board Accounts, 1960-1963; Accounts of Torquay Waterworks 1920-1963; Water Board Accounts for East Cornwall, 1962-1965 (1963 missing); Correspondence and expenditure relating to Paignton water supply 1950s-1960s; Parliamentary documents pertaining to the 1959-1960 sessions on the Devon Water Bill
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